View Full Version : g750js-t4193h... a few pre-sales questions, IPS screen?

09-02-2014, 08:33 AM
hi, i have noticed that, here in australia, there has been an upgrade of g750 models over the last couple of weeks, and whilst the cpu seems to have gone from an i7 4700hq to a 4710hq, and the hdd from a 1tb 7200rpm to a 1.5tb 5400rpm, it seems to be selling at about $700 more than the previous version. perhaps its simply a new thing, but i doubt the upgrade in processor is worth $700. and then i discovered one (normally reputable) vendor advertising it as having a 17.3" IPS screen. now, this i think would make me consider shelling out the extra cash, as i want to buy one for digital imaging/graphic design etc. but i am a bit dubious as to whether or not it really has an IPS screen. having emailed the vendor, he replied to tell me that as far as he knows it is an IPS screen... has anyone else come across an IPS screen in the new G750js?
and is the 4710hq processor really worth shelling out an extra $700? i mean that has it in the same range as a JZ with a 4700hq and now costs more than a JH - though admittedly that one is slightly older.

any input would be appreciated.

09-03-2014, 06:03 AM
i ahve been looking a bit more and it seems there are more vendors which are advertising the g750 as having an IPS screen. this includes the JS ds-71.
interesting in that i have heard of lots of people complaining about the lack of IPS screens on the g750s, and the lack of 17" IPS screens in general. maybe asus are listening to the consumers then... or there is a lot of false advertising happening.