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09-07-2014, 12:10 AM
Hello, I'm new here. I'm seeking advice to help me ultimately make a decision with my next laptop purchase. Well, here's my loooooooong story....

Long story short, I bought a basest of the base configuration Alienware 14 and sold it two weeks after buying. Money for it went away with car tires (metal plates punctured them). Within those two weeks, I never had a chance to play games because I was too busy with school and work. Now, I have about $1700 to dump. I'm looking at this new G750JS-RS71. It's priced at $1479 plus tax. It has an i7-4700HQ, NVidia GTX 870M, DVD drive, 12GB RAM, and idk how much HDD space it has. As far as I can tell, this G750 will outrun my ex-AW14 on paper. So yeah, I'm looking for a sub $1500 17in laptop that is relatively capable. Hated the 14 inch screen and hated the way the AW14 looked irl. I know the G750 looks amazing irl.

Here are some details to see if it will suit me...
- I need a quiet laptop. I ticked people off with my AW14 the one time I pushed it. IDK if this thing's fans are quiet.
- I'll be using this for school work, browsing, gaming, watching, and video stuff.
- I play MMORPGs and BF4 and Assassin's Creed. Most other games I play are not very demanding.
- It'd be nice to play on high/maxed out settings when gaming. I'm sick of low settings lol.
- I'll carry this day-to-day at school for use in classes. No, I'm not a wimp who couldn't handle 10lbs.
- I do not have a desktop and I do not want one.
- Can the DVD drive be replaced with BluRay Reader/Writer? I'd rather not hog my brothers' PS3. Possibly a deal breaker tbh if not possible or almost impossible.
- I'll be replacing this laptop not for another 3-4 years.
- Is the audio good? (I don't know where the speakers are but I know there's a sub underneath the laptop.)

As far as I can tell, the G750JS is one of the best options for a 17 inch laptop under 1500 bucks right off the box.

EDIT: A few questions...
- G750s have four RAM slots. Are the "stock" RAM placed in the harder to access ones?
- Do all G750s with 800M GPUs have 1080p display?

09-07-2014, 03:55 AM
Too heavy and large for moving to and from school every day IMO. Look at the dimensions, its huge and heavy.

I'd be looking at a 14-15.6" laptop, Clevo, Gigabyte or MSI personally.

09-07-2014, 06:04 AM
Hello voyance. I''l try to answer some of your questions from my personal experience with this laptop. you'll have to excuse my english (it's not my native language) but i'll do my best.

1. on idle or basic activity (web surfing, wathcing movies, etc) the laptop will be quiet. when it is idle the fans stay at 2200-2300 RPM.
when gaming the fan speed will increase as the temperatures increase. on auto control i have seen mines goint up to 4600 RPM, but thats on temperatures of 75-80 C. and is still relatively quiet. asus has a tool called "asus gpu tweak" that will allow you to run fans on full speed (25500 RPM) and at this speed it's like a jet but will do the job cooling the laptop. I use this option when my temps go over 80C and this option will lower it to ~76C. But overall, with fan autocontrol i consider it to be relatively quiet.

2. i play MMORPG too, RIFT to me more specific. And it runs it at ultra setting with no problems at all. when i say ultra i am mean the "ultra" setting that you choose from the quality presets (low, medium, high, ultra), because besides the stock ultra settings the game offers, you have the option to push it even further with supersampling, and everything else maxed out (their preset ultra setting will not have antialiasing at all and other options wont be maxed out). the game will still run fine but the temps go about 84-86 C. What i am trying to say is that even if your laptop will be capable of handling very very high settings on a game, you will have to find a mix of settings that wont affect your graphics too much and will keep reasonable temps at the same time.

3. I cary this laptop everyday to my office and back. i carry it with my car and in a bag that accomodates the laptop, the charger, gaming mouse and a notebook cooler. i havent weighted all this together but its a pretty heavy bag, and if you carry it on foot you'll have to switch hands from time to time.

4. i dont think you can replace the dvd with bluray without voiding your warranty since you'll have to open it to do this. better check for a model that allready has it included.

5. i hope it will last me for 4 years, as it did my former asus laptop (its still running on my kids desk)

6. As for the sound.......i, like many others reported, have issues. i cant listen to music on full volume because the subwoofer will crackle badly. If i try to adjust the intensity of the subwoofer from the realtek audio manager, it will die, and i have to restart the laptop to make it work again. others have reported that they RMA'd 2-3 laptops and still got a faulty replacement. I guess the quality control on this laptops its not as you would expect from a manufacturer like asus.

7. yes. the stock rams arent accesible without voiding your warranty (at least in my case). but you can upgrade easily using the free slots, without voiding warranty.

8. as far as i have seen, all of the new g750 series have 1080 displays.

I made the transition from a 15'6 inch laptop to this 17 inch. for me it is a big difference, especially with gaming.
Another thing to consider is that this laptop is a dust/fingerprints collector. i wipe it everyday with the included cleaning cloth. And not to mention that if you are a sweaty person like i am, you'll have oil stains everywhere. that's why i use an external keyboard.

overall, i like my laptop, but i would have prefered better quality checking from asus. i just hope it will last as long as my former asus laptop.
its best if you test it in a showroom before buying so you know what you're getting.

09-07-2014, 07:01 AM
To add to Bilack's excellent response, you can swap the DVD for a Blu-ray easily by removing the back access panel and remove the screw that secures the optical drive bracket to the laptop - the bracket attached to the optical drive that you move to the new optical drive. The optical drive slides out easily after removing the screw.

I tune the Subwoofer is in the Audio Control Panel, as shown in these image.


I have the Subwoofer level to set 65 now, started at 50.

The only tuning to do in the MaxxAudio would be the MaxxBass level and the lowest Frequency Equalizer Slider on the far left.


I set the Loudness in the Speakers Sound Control panel


The weight of the G750 isn't really the problem, it is the size. It will dwarf most school desks and likely not balance on lecture hall mini desks at all, and it is a laptop only in name - it doesn't balance on my lap well either - a tray or desk is best. For the large or continuous desk classrooms this will be a good fit. :)

Something like a Windows tablet with a keyboard would be best, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is great, but too expensive as a secondary device - there are some coming soon that will be sub $400 that would be good for this role.

If you have a campus office and can leave it there during class, and come back to it in between sessions, that would be ideal, then you don't have to lug it around class to class when there is no room to put it out.

Good luck!

09-07-2014, 02:21 PM
My little input is, the sound is good, but it's off-center, of course since the Sub is under the left side of the laptop, things sound more louder on the left.

P.S. I believe you can completely disassemble the G750's completely, all the way down to the motherboard without voiding your warranty.

The only way you void your warranty is by removing the yellow sticker covering your CPU screw ( a real b!tch if you want to repaste ) OR by breaking something while you're disassembling. ( BUT DO NOT QUOTE ME I may be wrong. )

Though the unit is quite annoying to dismantle.. ( from experience ) and the ram is indeed on the other side of the board.

09-07-2014, 10:28 PM
Thanks for all the replies everyone. I've seen the laptop IRL but I never had the chance to actually look through it. Heck, the place I went to wouldn't even let me lift it and it did not have any power running for some reason. (I forgot to mention, I do a small amount of C++ programming when I'm bored or need a calculator of some sort.)

I'll most likely be carrying this thing with a backpack. I'll also be driving to school and my parking is only about 5-10 minutes walking. This thing's size is going to be a pain, I agree. I don't think I'll be carrying anything other than the charger unless I'm going to a friend's place. There, I'll have my headset, mouse, and a cooler ready.

I did see how this laptop can get pretty bad with finger prints. I'm happy that my DNA did not spell out sweaty hands (but I have something else).

If I do end up getting this specific G750JS, I hope it's has a 1080p display. I'm a little worried with the odd lines/checker board patterns that some people seem to see on these things. IDK, I probably would not see them because I'm not very good with my eyes. All I was are clear, crisp images on a large screen.

It is also good to know that the optical drive can be replaced down the road. I guess I'll wait it out until the warranty dies which should be about a year or so.

Now, the sound thing did have me concerned. I read stuff about it causing unpleasant vibrations on the keyboard but I always thought it was only with faulty units. Turns out all units are faulty with this aspect. At the same time, I also read that there drivers that "fix" the issue somewhat and as illustrated by another poster users can tinker with the settings.

Ovarall, thanks for all your replies (as stated above). It's nice seeing honest responses with out complete shutting down of people. Keep 'em coming. I'll make my final decision by next week Sunday.

09-08-2014, 03:55 AM
An old post of mine:

The only real issues I experience with this unit is:

The keyboard keys are a little sensitive, the tiles can break if you're one to pull them off to clean them if they eventually get a little clogged with dirt. (The plastic flaps can snap off)

The screen looks oily on whites light blues (like skies and so on), though during gameplay on any other color, it's simply SUPERB..

The Chi Mei screen panels suck with their refresh rating, though nothing an overclocking can fix. (75Hz is great with full brightness)

Fear of upgrading Bios above 208, I won't do it, heard too many horror stories. I'm leaving it as it is.

Steel brush finish and rubberised shell is annoying to clean from oily hands. Rubber leaves prints on your gorgeous baby.

Cannot play proper games on battery, though that's logical and can be remedied.. somewhat.

Keyboard is very cold to touch during cold nights, I use gloves.

Computer comes with a bit of crap, also it's kind of annoying to re-install windows 8 unless you have a physical disc or know how to extract your bios key and know what ISO file to use. (There's like 20)

Sub Woofer on the left side, makes all sound from the unit off-center.

P.S. you can change the disc drive without voiding your warranty, just put the old one back in before sending it back if you need to repair it.