View Full Version : Asus G73jh need whole 4mb image

09-07-2014, 10:51 AM
Hi,i flashed bios update 213 from ntfs partition then after shutdown laptop was dead.Then i read about desoldering spi flash,and manually injecting 213 update,but somehow i have lost,deleted 4mb backup(sad)...I have tried few dumps from some russian and polish sites,laptop works but intel AMT is not working propper,it works for few boots,then fans are working on full blast,after bios post i get "error sending end of post to me" message...

Btw, laptop is asus g73jh-x3,worked 4y without problem,so it is clearly all that hassle on forum(fans on full,problem with intel AMT and throttling) comes when first 2mb of spi chip gets somehow corrupted.Why asus doesn't give support about whole bios area?

09-12-2014, 05:46 PM