View Full Version : Matrix gtx 580 watercooled

10-23-2011, 04:07 AM
hi ive modded my matrix 580 with a h80 strapped to it
temp are very impressive idle drop from 27 to 23 and full load from 90 on furmark to 55 and this is with 1020 core .. amazing
would like to say thanks to cravinmild for this great idea.

heres some pics of my mod and a run of 3dmark11 at 1020mhz


hope some of you will do the same thing with your matrix ! :)

10-25-2011, 02:30 AM
Nice oc williampv. Sorry im late getting to this. I see youve posted even higher scores than these on OCN. Great job, looks as though im sucking hind titty now lol. Going to have to get better TIM and redo my coreclocks. My TIM has the consistancy of milk lol.
I remember you saying your stuck getting a 1050 core. Perhaps losening your timings on the card. One of the peeps here could shed more light on this subject but its above my head.

Im going to remount my H70 pump so it comes off the side of the card as yours does. Should have done it the first time but still learning too.