View Full Version : G75VW: extremely low performance over time

09-08-2014, 05:13 AM

I purchased a G75VW something like a year ago, during which it served me well without any particular hiccups.
Recently though, I've started to notice a large performance hit for 3D applications, most notably games. This problem has gotten worse and worse, and now I barely have 10 fps on 5 year old games. Funny thing is, the games usually start at a decent performance, but hit low after around 5 minutes of playing. Recently, I couldn't even play games that used to run perfectly on this very laptop.

I've tried reinstalling windows several times without success, which makes me think there might be a hardware problem, maybe due to overheating (I'm no hardware expert, so don't quote me on that).

Has this problem been experienced before? What should I do? Should I straight up send it for repair?


09-11-2014, 05:40 PM
1. is it plugged into the wall?
G75 series just straight up sucks while on battery.

1.1 blow air into the exhaust vents!
also from the inside, remove the bottom panels to do so.
requires only 2 screw and a phillips screw driver.

2. check for CPU temperatures.
Instsall HWiNFO for temperature monitoring.
stress test the CPU with Prime95
check if it's throtlling

3. check for GPU temperatures.
install MSI Afterburner
turn on for OSD (On Screen Display)
for GPU temp, GPU memory and core clock
play your favorite games and see what temps you're getting.

check if the temps are high, underclocking memory/core clock etc.

3.1 optional. install Furmark, be warned this thing generates heat! use at your own risk.
I would recommend running the low res furmark first 640x480 res stress test.
just to check if the GPU still has some good pasting.

4. have you installed the latest Nvidia Drivers?
go get them from Nvidia.
some says the latest drivers (340.52) kinda sucks.

5. highly unlikely, but still for performance issues.
install Hitman Pro
check for any super nasty malware that are hogging your PC resources making the PC slow

6. if all of the above is bad (except 5)
send it in for repair. might be a defective GPU. Motherboard etc.

7. CPU and or GPU overheats.
CPU temps above 85-90 Celcius - while gaming
GPU temps above 75-80 Celsius - while gaming - no Overclocking
either send it in for repair with CPU / GPU repasting job or if feeling adventurous do it yourself. nice youtube guides out there :)
or give it to a friend you know that has the tech know how to do so :)

what GPU do you have?