View Full Version : G-Sync tip that worked here

09-15-2014, 08:13 PM
Hey guys, I had a few screen flickering in DayZ while running the screen in 144 MHz + Gsync

Then I disable G-Sync but I realized it was not just a small loss but a HUGE loss with just a single GTX 780 playing on high 40-60 fps

So I decided to downgrade the screen frequency to 120 MHz + Gsync and I don't get anymore a single screen flickering issue in DayZ a&nd most importantly, it is smoother than ever !

If you ask me f-uck YES G-Sync is WORTH it , I will never consider disabling it again in all the games I try it is a blast Dead Rising 3, GTA IV, etc.., I don't really feel the need enhance my fps higher than ever huhu ;) ;)

GET G-Sync asap