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09-22-2014, 08:35 PM
Hi guys,

I seem to have a big problem on my hands. I've had my G750 for a few months over a year....so the warranty is expired. I noticed my temps for the CPU getting warm (or atleast I thought they were) while gaming CPU was at 90C so I decided to tear the machine down and repaste the GPU and CPU. I have done this many times on laptops, desktops, a gaming console's, never had a problem. All went good, got it all put back together. Laptop started up perfectly fine, ran good. Started a game up and watched the temps with CPU ID, as usual the GPU was fine ( I dont recall the exact temp) the CPU was at 50C while "gaming" so I left the game on and left the laptop while I was outside for about an hours. I came back in and much to my surprise the laptop was off. It would not turn back on. I started taking it back apart and found out that this time with the keyboard taken off it would start. Again started a game, watched the temps, after an hour it was still working (Max CPU temps was 60C) I shut it down put the keyboard back on and everything together. This time the power button did nothing. Now I have had it back apart a few times just looking things over, and I repasted everything again. Now the laptop will turn on as soon as any power source is connected (either by the battery or plugging it in) as soon as power is connected it turns on and will not turn off until power is disconnected (the power button dose nothing). The screen will not turn on. I am at my whits end with this laptop. Never have I ever had a problem like this. I have no idea what I have done. Everything looks to be hooked up properly. I have tried holding the power button with no power connected, removing the CMOS battery, nothing works. Any help or idea's would be greatly appreciated.

09-22-2014, 10:30 PM
Shouldn't your warranty be 2 years?

Anyhow sounds like you've not attached the powerbutton itself on properly, and when you put the keyboard back in, it slightly moves the ribbon connecting the keyboard and all that stuff to the motherboard.

Try again with hooking it all back together.

P.S. when you pulled the armor off to repaste, what screws held it down? Were they Phillips-head? Just out of curiosity. ( I forgot when I pulled mine apart )

09-22-2014, 11:22 PM
Yup they were phillips-head screws. there are 4 on each heatsink, so a total of 8 between the gpu and cpu heatsinks.

Ok so I opened it back up reseated everything. I turns on with the button just fine now. Turns off with the button fine. Fans spin up, everything sounds good. However I get no power on the screen, it wont even light up. My keyboard wont light up either. I have no idea what's going on, everything appears to be together properly. I have checked and double checked everything.

EDIT: Ok so I was finally able to POST to Bios. I flashed to the newest available with no problem. However I still cant get my screen working. It now lights up, and the ROG badge on the front lights up. Just wont display anything, only the HDMI port works for picture. In Bios I was able to use my usb keyboard, but USB will not function. Laptop keyboard lights up, all indicator lights work, keyboard works fine but mouse pad dosent work. Ribbon cable appear to be in all the way. Hard to navigate around with no mouse in windows. Temps are good. CPU idle at 48C and GPU Idle at 49C. Not sure what to do next. Almost everything works. Weird thing is I really haven't done anything, it just starts, or stops working when it wants.

09-25-2014, 05:04 PM
Sorry to double post but I just need somebody to confirm my fears for me lol.
Got the laptop running, boots fine, runs good. But I've found a few problems, I need a new ribbon cable for the mouse to the MB, and wire cable from usb 3.0 to MB. Not a big deal...don't ask me how I messed those up....never had a problem with any other laptop. Anyways those two problems are small and I can get parts for.

Here's the massive one. Found out why the screen wont come on. Some pins are bent and messed up on the LCD socked on the MB. At this point I take it that the MB is junk and not repairable? See I keep getting a pop up on windows 8.1 saying my disc has errors, restart and windows will fix the errors. I know my ssd is fine for sure. Even after windows "fixes" the disc it pops back up when I'm in windows again. I got my other two usb ports working, but after you restart the pc they have error code 10, cannot start. Driver has to be uninstalled and restarted for it to work again. All driver's are up to date and what not.

So between the LCD socket being broken, and maybe a short in the MB? I take it I need a new one...problem is on ebay they are big money. about $700 from US, and China (probably junk) $400. Anybody out there have a parts g750 they want to sell? I don't have the money for a new one, or to build a new desktop. I honestly cant believe I messed the laptop up so much, never have I had a problem before. Heck it even started up and ran perfect after I repasted it. Then randomly shut off and wouldn't power back up. Anyhow any thoughts? Help? I guess its just junk now? :(