View Full Version : G550JK and second screen

09-26-2014, 10:43 PM
Hello all !

I bought my G550 yesterday and, I'm quite happy with it ! It replaced my 5 years old desktop and now, it's not that I'm in love, but, you know...

So, I've already planned to upgrade the RAM to 16G and add a SSD, and I think that I have all the informations I could need, but I still have one problem.
I'm using as a second screen a 27" Samsung P2770H, and if in game, I don't have anything to say, while I'm on the windows desk, apps like Firefox or the file explorer are quite blurry. I've set the right resolution for the screen, but nothing... The screen is connected in HDMI.

I understand that it's the optimus task to lower the power consumption while there is no need to use the nvidia card, but I'd like to always activate it whenever the computer is plugged to the wall.
Is it possible ?
Is it a way to have fine and neat apps on my 2nd screen ?

Thank you in advance :)