View Full Version : G60JX RAM Upgrade issues (4gb to 8gb) - Geniuses needed!

09-27-2014, 03:16 AM
Good evening guys,

I just bought a pair of Kingston's Kvr1333d3s9/4gb (8gb together) to upgrade my old G60JX with the stock configuration (Core i5, 4gb Ram, GTS 360M), the only thing I did was an upgrade to Windows 8.1.

After installing them, I checked on the BIOS if it was recognizing the new memory, and indeed it was showing me 8092 DDR3 RAM @ 1067 Mhz.

Unfortunately, after I booted the G60JX to Windows, it didn't start. Instead, I saw a blue screen of death and it started a reboot loop, and then my troubleshooting started:

1-) First I did a lot of stuff related to Windows 8: System repairs, drivers and BIOS upgrade, etc. (Had to install the old memory for that). As you may predict, it didn't work.

2-) I tried to test one memory at a time. For my surprise, the laptop didn't even boot, it turned on and off really quickly. It happened on both slots.

3-) I was starting to get worried about the memory itself, so I tried the Memory Test with a bootable USB Stick (www.memtest.org).

As I could predict, it worked with the old memories without any problems, however, for my surprise once again, it didn't even finish the tests with the new memories, instead, it rebooted my computer.

I have no idea what the problem is and how should I proceed. If the memories are defective, why the notebook BIOS recognize them? It doesn't make sense for me and I guess I can't even tell the vendor that it's not working.

Can you guys help me :-)?