View Full Version : Graphics card capable of having 2-3 look-up tables (LUT) for the G75VW?

09-29-2014, 01:29 PM
Background: I'm a photographer and I've got an ASUS G75VW with a 1080p monitor connected via HDMI, and a 1440p monitor connected via miniDisplayPort. The 1440p monitor is my main monitor for photoshop retouching.

Color correction is very important for what I do and I use a Spyder to calibrate my monitor. Unfortunately, only one of my monitors can be truly calibrated because according to the helpdesk guy for Spyder:

Here is some more information about using two seperate displays on one single video card on a Windows system.
Each ICC profile has got two parts. One part will be used by the color management of Windows and it's applications, the other second part will be loaded into the Lookup-Table (LUT) of your video card. This is what the ColorVision-Start-Up (Spyder2) or SpyderUtility (Spyder3 and Spyder4) does on boot-time. See the LUT as a kind of translation table for creating the right colors.

To calibrate and use two displays on one and the same Windows computer, you need a video card with two separate Lookup Tables (LUT).
But this exists only on newer and high quality video cards or if you have two separate graphic adapters in your system.
Several video cards offer two display ports, but they only have one LUT. Therefore it's impossible to use two separate correction curves for these two connected screens.
But you can still calibrate your main display and use the second one (uncalibrated) for tools and pallets.

From the outside, you can't see if your video card has got one or two LUT. To be sure about this, please get in touch with the manufacturer directly.

Windows laptops use standard video cards with one single LUT!

Please also note that a notebook display is limited in the colour gamut compared to stand alone displays.

Our recommendation:
Calibrate both but completely independent as graphic cards with one single LUT can handle only one display at a time.
Use the ProfileChooser to switch between the profiles.

To get the best result among both displays:
- set both to a standard setting by the OSD that is covered by both displays
- turn off all Nvidia tools that may also have ColourManagement capabilities **
- Calibrate on dis play at a time in single display mode (ONLY ONE DISPLAY ATTACHED / RUNNING - the other is completely turned off)
- Use the same settings on brightness, Gamma and Temp.

=> Both will now show identical colours inside their physical limitations

I want to be able to calibrate at least 2 of my monitors with my Spyder calibrator. 3 monitors would be great but not necessary. My current factory graphics card only supports one lookup table.

So I have two questions:
1. Anybody know of a graphics card compatible with the G75VW that has 2 or more LUTs?
2. How difficult is replacing the graphics card? I'm pretty good with tech and can follow directions but not at the level of building a computer from scratch, etc.

Thank you!