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09-30-2014, 06:21 AM
After having a nightmare of a time getting my previous G750JW repaired by Best Buy (as I was directed by ASUS support since I bought it there) I eventually got a refund in store credit, with which I picked up a G750JM. This was back in April. I was pretty annoyed to find that the Optimus technology that hadn't been included in the G750JW was in fact enabled in the JM... with no option to bypass it. But other than that everything seemed to be fine. Previously, I'd had trouble with my subwoofer cutting in and out intermittently (which I never successfully demonstrated for Best Buy -- they eventually just replaced it as a "courtesy"), trouble with the USB ports intermittently seizing (again, not something I managed to demonstrate for Best Buy; seems if you can't replicate something reliably in 20 minutes they can't be bothered), and the screen flickering at anything short of 100% brightness (for which their solution was to adjust the refresh rate on the screen to 57hz, which is laughable and not at all practical for someone editing and QCing video).

My new machine obviously had a new subwoofer, I haven't really had trouble with the USB ports, and while the flicker at sub-100% lighting levels is still somewhat present, it's infinitely less noticeable than on my JM and doesn't hurt my eyes when I need to lower the backlighting for whatever reason.

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A couple months ago, I had some difficulty getting my touchpad to respond reliably to my touches and taps. It was frustrating and rebooting didn't seem to fix it, but after a couple days it just... went away. Yesterday, it came back, and this time it doesn't want to go away. I tried everything from removing and reinstalling the drivers to playing with settings and nothing worked. The pad will frequently ignore taps I make, and will ignore a movement stroke every dozen or so. The only solution I've found to this is to uninstall the drivers entirely and use a Windows generic driver. This isn't a good solution because it now requires enough movement so as to prevent even moderately precise cursor movements, and it's left me without a decent way to scroll pages. I even tried using the older-version Windows 7 drivers to no avail; some older non-system specific ones didn't fix the problem either.

If this seems like a petty gripe, realize that I bought this machine because I needed a fairly mobile solution on which I can do my work, which at the moment involves video editing and quality control and may soon (hopefully) be expanding. This is a craptastic time for me to start having this kind of a problem, and given my history with ASUS's complete system solutions (I also had a TF201 previously, which was also a nightmare) I find myself asking how much money I need to give a company to get a machine that just consistently works? Unless somebody has a solution I haven't thought of, it looks like I might have to RMA and be stuck without my work machine AGAIN.

I found some people mentioning touchpad troubles but couldn't find anything exactly matching my situation. On the chance that somebody's got something I didn't think of, does anybody know what I might do to fix this? I don't want to send this damned machine in for repairs again. I have too much going on right now to be having to go through this every 6-8 months.

10-03-2014, 08:35 PM
mattmccleary, unless it is a flakey connection inside the laptop, the cable connecting the USB from the touchpad/keyboard to the motherboard, and it is intermittent, it is likely a grounding issue.

This has been proven many times in the forums. Someone people have grounding issues at their apartment, and the touchpad jumps around, and they take it in to work or another location with a good ground, and the touchpad works fine.

Noone has gotten back to me on the one thing I thought might work, and that is to use a ground cheater plug between the laptop power adapter and the wall socket. Basically it changes a 3 prong power connection with ground to a 2 prong power connection without ground - it opens the ground wire - this helps with other grounding issues on other electronics, so it might work as a fix for the intermittent touchpad too.


Otherwise, for locations where you plug in that have a bad ground, you can bring along a wireless keyboard/mouse/trackpad - I use the Logitech K400.


Please let us know what you find as a fix. :)

11-16-2014, 04:08 AM
So I realize this is coming very, very late, but I did finally find a solution to my problem. One that makes very little sense.

I put my computer to sleep. I read it on another forum somewhere complaining about Elantech touchpads acting up in a similar manner. It sounded ridiculous, but I had run out of ideas (the forums went down for several days mere moments after I posted, so I never saw this post). I put the computer into sleep and when I brought it back, the touchpad was fine. This was after uninstalling the drivers, reinstalling them, several reboots, etc. so I'm absolutely confounded.

It still starts every now and again and I once more have to put the computer to sleep, but it's fine when it comes back up. As for grounding, there's only a couple of sockets in my house with grounding and I never plug it into either of them; instead, it's plugged into power strips, which then have grounding adapters between them and the wall. Not sure if this would confirm or deny your solution.