View Full Version : Questions about Upgrading G750JW Laptop SSD and Memory

10-05-2014, 07:37 AM
Hey guys, i wanna upgrade my g750jw and add an SSD on it
and i wanna give it extra RAM
i have a few questions tho
1. i want the OS to be installed onto the SSD and use the 1tb hdd my laptop came with to act as storage, how do i do that?

2. all internal SSD's are standard size so can i just buy any 2.5 inch ssd? or does it need to be a special size?

3. if im upgrading RAM, i read somewhere the g750jw can only take 32 gigs of ram. since the PC already comes with 8gb of ram and it only has 2 ram slots, does that mean i need to buy a 16gb stick and a 8gb stick to fully utilize the 32 gigs?

Thanks! for your input!!