View Full Version : G74SX keeps turning off after a little inactivity

10-09-2014, 10:32 PM
Hi all.

I bought my G74SX used about a year ago, initially it had a few USB issues but I could sort that via re-installing the root hubs on the Device Manager. Since then there's been no issues...great laptop!

In the last couple of months I've been getting back into gaming, the good old GTX560M can still hack it! Running most AAA-games from 2012 or earlier at highest settings. I recently bought the retail version of King Kong (from 2005), it came in 3 CD Roms instead of one DVD.

The installation went fine, but I got a message saying Starforce Protection software required a restart. After re-starting my Windows wouldn't boot! For those interested I can share more details on the nature of this Starforce software, which games have it and how it relates to modern systems but for now I'll just say that the only option I had left was to do a System Restore from 2 days before (not even Safe Mode was possible).

So my Windows is back, and all seems well. Except since the Restore my G74SX keeps turning off after a little inactivity. It's as if it goes into hibernation mode: the screen goes black, the power turns off (so no CPU or hard drive running) and all that's left is the blinking power light. To re-activate it all I have to do is move the mouse.

This is a problem because firstly it's annoying, and secondly my WLAN internet disconnects.

I've been through my energy options in the control panel, and always had the Power4Gear HighPerformance activated. There should be no power-saving mode activated. I checked all the advanced energy options (I'm logged in as Administrator), there doesn't seem to be anything selected that would be causing this auto-hibernation mode.

Some info:

Running Windows 8 (not 8.1) 64-bit on a manually-partitioned LiteOn 256GB SSD
Auto-hibernation activates itself after circa 5 minutes of inactivity
NVidia drivers up-to-date
Always connected to the AC Adaptor

Any ideas what this might be? Cheers :cool: