View Full Version : Help a clueless person out? -Asus G55vw ac and shutting down issues-

10-10-2014, 09:14 PM
So I got a g55vw (nordic edition) about a year ago and I've encountered a few problems like

* it randomly shutting off when I'm just browsing on the internet for absolutely no reason (it happens like once every other month) I've heard of other people having similar issues but then it had to do with the RAM.. But there's no way I'm even touching any
hardware and I doubt that's the issue but it's possible... And it shouldn't be an issue with overheating if I was just leisurely on the

* The AC adapter beeping (I got that one replaced though)

* The new AC adapter lagging and not being picked up

And as you might have guessed my main issue here is about the AC adapter once more... (And this happened a few times with the AC adapter I replaced as well)
Sometimes when unplugging and replugging my ac adapter there will be a "pop" which worries me, but the most annoying part
however is not that
It occasionally causes the sound in one headphone to either decrease or completely disappear. Which obviously is an annoyance.
I sent the laptop in for repairs and got it back about a week ago and they promised me that "they found nothing wrong"... So you can guess how "thrilled" I was when it happened again (like five minutes ago, I just made
this account inorder to get this cleared). I checked if there was any audio driver updates and if the sound levels
were equal

I've done a system restoration three times already and losing hope, the retailers doesn't seem to be very helpful and I'm worthless when it comes to computers so any suggestions you might leave will probably just end up with me googling for three hours how
to do it because I'm that green... I'd like to avoid touching any hardware and systems because knowing me I'll make the computer grow legs and make it take a dip in the latest lake. So if anyone has any ideas on why this is happening feel free to tell me and
possibly dumbify it all it would be much appreciated

p.s I do have "idiot insurance" which will run out at the end of december so I want to get this fixed ASAP, they said that it
would cover and I quote "everything you can think of" and would get me a new or equal computer if there was an issue which can't be fixed but they do not seem to take me seriously and as the issues are only occasional they won't see it so I can't turn it in again without a reasonable theory as to why it's acting like this.

10-11-2014, 03:23 AM
Your best chance is to determine what is causing this, and figure out how to get it to repeat. The techs are kept very busy and if they can't get the issue to present it self they just send it back to you. With it being as random as once every couple of months its really going to be difficult to sort out.
With the AC adapter making popping sounds that does not sound good at all. Are you using a genuine Asus Adapter? It sounds to me that you are having hardware problem of some sort.

11-23-2014, 04:30 PM
The AC adapter does "pop" a little bit when unplugging and plugging if the main is on (eg. using a powerboard etc). As for your shutdowns how frequent are they? If you can document more thoroughly what is going on then that would be useful. All hardware and software has glitches and it may not be perfect and things can be annoying, but here on the forums issues etc. are well documented. Good luck!

11-24-2014, 07:53 AM
I do have a similar problem with comp shutting down. I have a G75 VW and I did RMA. Technician just wrote I should reinstall OS. It dosnt´t help at all.
Don not know what to do, just keeping backup up to date i case....

11-24-2014, 01:30 PM
Well did you do a clean Install? its very easy Win 7 ISO legal are available. It could very well solve your problem? I am also surprised to hear hat Tech repair didn't reset your Notebook back to the original Image. You must have requested that they not reset your Notebook? The only way to determine that software is not the issue is to restore it too original condition and then pay close attention while reinstalling your software looking for the Guilty culprit! If that doesn't solve the problem this it is most likely hard ware and you'll have to sort it out documenting when it happens and hopefully sort out exactly how to repeat the Error. Then the repair station should be able to resolve your issue.