View Full Version : Need help with resolution???? I guess..

10-14-2014, 08:04 PM
Hello all. I hoping you can help with a very aggravating "display" problem. I'm not very computer savy, so I hope this makes sense. I have a G750 notebook and have been pleased with it's performance for the most part. But, all of a sudden all my internet pages look awkward and far too large. This happened one day while playing BF4. I closed my screen while in game and once I opened it again everything was far too large. Once i'm in game,on any game, the display is fine. But the pre-game screens are all too large. Internet pages also all display too large. I changed the zoom settings and it will make the screen smaller, but it looks distorted and unnatural if that makes sense. I've did a system restore, updated my NVIDIA card, and several other things all to no avail. I'm thinking it has to be a simple setting or something. Oh, and I use Chrome if that matters. Any help would be greatly welcome!

Prostar Computer
10-14-2014, 10:47 PM
Did you check your resolution and DPI settings in the Windows display settings? (You can get to Display Settings via Control Panel or by right clicking on your desktop -> "Screen resolution".)