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10-26-2011, 04:07 PM
Hi all,

My beloved g53jw's lcd back light is gone. I can see the outline of the objects in my screen, but it is really dark. I'm typing this from my laptop, but using an external screen.

This will be a second run of this laptop to ASUS service. I called in service, and it is still under warranty for repairs.

I'm sending in the laptop only, no power adapter, battery or cord. I also made note that the OS/software works fine. The repairs are limited to the LCD only.

I also installed an SSD upgrade somewhere along the way, which the tech support recommended me to remove if possible. But since the windows is installed on the SSD, removing the SSD is a whole league of effort; especially if I have to install a new partition of windows on my other drive. I'm playing the odds that Asus will keep all the hard drives intact during repairs.

Here's a brief story of the first run, which eventually was resolved:

1) HDMI port DOA from factory; called Asus support.
2) Got RMA and sent in the notebook.
3) Notebook was sitting on the repair center for almost 2 months, before Jonathan from ROG forums called me and followed up with the repair center.
4) Found what's wrong with the HDMI port, replaced it, and got it back a week later. Everything works out great from there on, until today.

From my previous experience, I am kinda concerned with the turnaround time of the support/repair center. This is my primary work laptop, and I will be travelling overseas doing work with this thing in mid-November.

I suppose I'm posting this as an online log to keep track of the status of the repair, so there are more eyes on the package during the repair process.

RMA is USG11A4730 for reference.

Any tips/suggestions would be much appreciated. I enjoyed and completely satisfied with my experience with ROG forum members.

10-26-2011, 04:35 PM
2 months waiting to be looked at. Wow! I'd flip...

Which repair center was that?

10-27-2011, 01:07 AM
It sounds like they lost track of it and once they found it again it didn't take too long. Given that and your need to have it before travel I would stay on them to make sure that they don't misplace it and it should be back in time.