View Full Version : Advice for a n00b

10-16-2014, 09:22 PM
hello guys, i've just purchased the Rog swift pg278q. i tested with Shadows of Mordor and i am really impressed with the results., until my pc turned off suddenly. i played about 30 min

yesterday, with the same pc and another monitor, i played this same game for about three hours without problems.

what i realized is that since there is no fps cap, my vgas ( 2 gtx 780 ti in sli) went to full usage % and their temperature reached 83 grades celcius.

my psu is a thermaltake 1200 w. im using the native resolution with 144hz of refresh rate.
i have this rig for about 10 months and this never occured before.
another question: if i cap the fps to 60 (into the game menu) i loose the benefit of 144hz of refresh rate?

thx and sorry my english. i am from brazil