View Full Version : Display dims on battery and stays dimmed. F5-F6 ATK nonfunctional in Win 8.1 Pro.

10-17-2014, 04:43 PM
Hey guys. I have a problem where my display dims when on battery and stays dimmed until I unplug the power, pull the battery and reboot. This has been going on for sometime and I was fine with it because my laptop is rarely off. Now it seems to be dim all the time in Windows. When the laptop initially boots the brightness is fine, so I know the display is good, just once in Windows it dims.

I have checked the Power Management settings and also the advanced power management settings. Display turn off is set to 45mins in battery and 300 minutes on power. Adaptive Brightness is turned off completely on either battery or power. Im wondering if there is a setting I am missing somewhere?

Any help is much appreciated. I have the G750 in my sig. The ATK functions also seem to not be present or are very basic in nature. I dont know if thats Windows 8.1 doing that by default or if its the driver from Asus. It seems I have every ATK functioning just about accept for the F5 and F6 for dimming/brightness. Every other ATK function is fine, brightness of the keyboard backlight, Wireless Airplane mode, even F7 works to knock out the display, but pressing it again to bring it back, does not change the brightness.