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10-18-2014, 05:04 PM
Dear forum, I have X79-Delux motherboard. I have installed 3 rams in A1, D2, and B1 all of the memory registers. But during initializing of my application that requires use of RAM, RAM usage at about 60%. And I am not able to do anything with this machine after process is completes, almost like its running at full (100%) capacity. When I populate A1 and D2 with 2 RAMs, run same process, memory fills up to 100%. Does anyone know, if I have placed them in wrong DIMMs? or what is the correct DIMM configuration for 3 identical (RAMs)?

12-07-2014, 03:52 PM
refer to your "owners manual" for your specific dimm location for placement! Going from B to D doesn't sound right (although it could b), C should be there... I'm in no way an expert but I've built my fair share of computers and theirs always specific placement patterns. also, with your kit, make sure the placement order goes along with the Serial numbers.
Example: you have 3 sticks of ram that have 3 different MFR numbers on them, 0001-0002-0003. You see that your Motherboard says to populate A-1/B-1 and C-1 in that order. make sure that your lowest number ram stick goes in your first placement socket on your board...
A-1 with 0001, B-1 with 0002 etc...

Hope this helps...

PS. your Motherboards Owners Manual

also, you could have a faulty stick in which case you would need to test them 1 by 1 in the appropriate Dimm slot..