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10-19-2014, 12:48 AM
Hello everyone,

I purchased my 1st ROG laptop (G750JS) a week ago and I would really appreciate some help with the following questions.

1. Drivers - I have downloaded only the one (344.11) from GE Force Experience. Do i have to download additional drivers?

2. Frame rate - I noticed that the max frame rate is 60 HZ. Is that normal for a high end gaming laptop or am I doing something wrong?

3. Performance - I got the version with 1,5 tb 2x 750gb 7200rpm and got the following results.

Image Editing: 79733
Time: 107.609

Encoding: 67990
Time: 176.318

OpenCL: 34412
KSamples/sec: 621

Heavy Multitasking: 55279
Time: 176.92

System Score: 52471

Could you please let me know if the result is ok?

Thank you in advance.


10-19-2014, 12:53 AM
1. You should install all the drivers you need (or update the ones you have) from here http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/ASUS_ROG_G750JS/HelpDesk_Download/

2.60 HZ is normal for the model I own the JZ model and I also have the same. If by frame rate you mean monitor refresh rate. In gaming you will be fine.

3.I haven't really done those tests, but what I can tell you from personal experience is that benchmarks don't really matter as long as you are satisfied with what you have. If it does the job good enough for you, why should you care about benchmark testing.

Other than that welcome to the ROG. You won't regret joining.

10-19-2014, 12:54 AM
1: Uninstall GeForce Experience, it causes issues it seems.. unwanted crashing and other such mishaps. Keep the driver itself, though.. just rid of GeForce Experience.

2: You need to identify what screen you have, whether it be manufactured by AUO or Chimei. After doing so, you can create a custom resolution within the NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL and set a custom refresh rate. Remember to have the same number on your GPU Tweak settings. ( Not sure if you have that on those models. Coming from a G750JX )

I believe you can overclock AUO to 70HZ, and ChiMei up to 100. ( I use ChiMei and clocked it up to 85Hz to eliminate the slight flicker. )

3: Your score I would expect for a model higher than mine should be well over 60,000. Not sure why OpenCL is so low. ( Maybe Optimus )

10-19-2014, 01:05 AM
Thank you for your responses.

1. Which are the neccesary ones as i thought Ge Experience downloaded everything i need to start with.

2. I dont think 60 hz seems about right as even the manual on Nvidia panel recommends 80. Also why on control panel i can see only the 3d setting options and not the rest?


10-19-2014, 01:25 AM
Turn off V-sync in nVidia control panel, and in game setting and you will get better FPS.
But, if you see too much tearing turn back on, I have no problem with tearing, so I leave V-Sync off.
Plus set Power manage mode to "Prefer Maximum Performance" in the nVidia control panel.
With a "Opitmus enabled" NB from Asus, all other graphic settings are in the Intel Graphics Properties.

10-19-2014, 01:45 AM
Gotti thank you for your reply. Could you please let me know when u go to nvidia panel you see only the 3d setting as on pic i posted above?

10-19-2014, 01:39 PM
Gotti thank you for your reply. Could you please let me know when u go to nvidia panel you see only the 3d setting as on pic i posted above?

Because of the nVidia Optimus on our notebooks that's all the settings available in the nVidia control Panel.
I have tried to disable Optimus, and did much research on this subject.
The way Asus has scripted this software option (in BIOS), there's no option to totally disable in the BIOS.
Unlike other manufactures, Alienware for one, you have the option to disable Optimus in the BIOS.
I have tried to disable Optimus by uninstalling the Intel Graphics Driver, and software.
Now by trying to disable Optimus this way will only create another problem, the nVidia Control panel will not open at all!
The only fix for this issue is for Asus to script a new BIOS Mod, and enable this option in the BIOS!

So to make a long story short, all the settings that are available in the nVidia Control Panel is as pictured in your attachment.
Hope this helps?

PS: Now there is a way to activate the nVidia card (sort of full time), but the "Control panel" will remain the same as you pictured.
Go to the nVidia Control Panel, and set the settings as pictured below, once you change settings you will need to restart.
After the restart the setting will be in effect.

10-21-2014, 12:29 PM
Thank you very much for your tips GottiBoi55.
One more thing, i read a lot about applications that are not necessary to have installed. Could you please make a list of those when you have time as i would like to remove some?

Many thanks,