View Full Version : Inversion? Is anyone from asus gonna say anything on this issue?

10-19-2014, 04:05 AM
This monitor on the whole is very good gysnc at 1440p are great but these inversion issues are not, They are hard to notice in 2d but 3d its very noticeable. The thing is not everyone will pick up what inversion is it is hard to see but once you see it that's it and you only notice it more and more. The inversion tests do not prove much it is mostly in gamging and it is hard to prove if your looking to rma you monitor or take it back but the issue is there. To me from what I have seen the 3d at 1440p should be called interlaced because that's pretty much what it is like monitors in the old days when they done interlaced. Now I know Asus to rock solid products like mother boards and that because I own one and nothing beats it. But this monitor with this problem and the money that it costs is really very poor, if it was perfect I would not have an issue and for the most part it is. I feel this monitor was rushed to the market and it should have been tested a bit longer as way to many people have issues with this product. I like it for the time being but as soon as something better with 1440p comes along without these problems I will be changing monitor. I use to have an acer 1080p 3d monitor and the 3d was awesome on the rog swift the 3d is good but this inversion stuff is a big put off and I don't feel you are getting a true 1440p out the monitor in 3d, its more like a 1440p interlaced. Wish the guys at asus were straight up about this issue because it takes some people to save for a while before they can have things like this.

10-19-2014, 09:33 AM
I have called asus support about this in Sweden. I was told that they never heard of this problem before...
I was also told that hardware faults cant be repaired over the phone line...
I need to test my monitor on another system. I told them that about the threads over here. But information on the internet cant be trusted.

So Asus is a big NO NO for me at the moment.

10-20-2014, 01:27 PM
yeah its a problem. please let us know if anyone hears anything from asus support!

10-20-2014, 03:21 PM
I noticed the same thing on my swift. Occasionally its annoying in gaming, mainly with overhead markers/text labels noticeable when I look around. I loaded up my laptop and looked for inversion there and noticed it was present as well just not as noticeable due to the size of the monitor. I am not sure if this is a Swift issue or a 27inch 1440 issue?

If anyone figures out how to resolve this I would be ecstatic because otherwise this monitor is great!

10-20-2014, 09:27 PM
Yea 2d is harder to see but its still there and you are right if you look around fast in the game you will see exactly those things like text and markers sometimes explosions and stuff it happens also places where there is high contrast stuff on darker backgrounds. I have a feeling this is a 1440p issue and 1440p is still not up to the mark to do 3d or get timings as low as 1ms. It will be interesting to see what else comes out at 1440p with the same specs as this, I think this monitor should of been delayed another year if the inversion problems can be ironed out. Some games the inversion is not so bad, but the other day I was playing borderlands pre sequel in 3d and the inversion really started to annoy me, disappointing really. Instead of this monitor being 1440p it should be 1440i for interlaced, its just not up to the mark it should be and to be fair I would really think twice before buying another Asus monitor. The acer that I had before this one I prefer the 3d on that more even tho it was 1080p didn't have any of this inversion stuff. Overall that acer one I had was a very good experience. I already know after owning the Asus for a month or so its probably not going to be a keeper, if something at 1440p comes along with no inversion issues ill switch straight to it. Its hard to get refunds on stuff like this where I live because you really have to prove there is an issue there and because this inversion thing is intermittent people at shops here will look the other way. The problem is to wide spread to go through the hassle of changing monitor after monitor.