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10-19-2014, 01:35 PM
Hello, fellow ROG users.
Last week I've bought an ASUS ROG g750jz notebook. At first everything was going smoothly, I was very happy with it. I've installed all the programs, transfered the data and so on. Started to play some not really demanding games and everything was ok. At least for the first two days. After that, I've started to notice lag spikes while playing League of Legends or World of Warcraft. It's not so bad while in WoW but in LoL you need really stable connection you know. In the 2 days period I didn't install any software which could have any effect (prolly only AutoCAD and ArchiCAD).
I've searched through this and many other forums, tried to restore the system to manufacturer's settings, uninstalling antivirus, checking Windows Defender, router, updating drivers, disabling Microsoft Windows Kernel Debug Network Adapter, creating local account. I've even wrote to Qualcomm's (producer of my network card) and Asus' support for help. It's been 3 days now, Asus didn't respond at all and from Qualcomm i've got only a request to do again what I've already did (antivir, drivers etc) and send them a file with raport from KIller Diagnostics. That was 2 days ago.
I don't even know what propably could be the problem, 'cause I've read that it can be Win 8.1 (common problem), my network card (also common) or some software I've installed. And no, it's not the router/ISP, on any other device the ping doesn't occur at all.
Now everything's in your hands, friends. Please help me :)

Ping test (http://wklej.to/Gc01v)
Diagnosis (http://wklej.to/3jQ6G)

10-19-2014, 01:37 PM
Well, I am browsing allover the forums, tried different searches.. Couldn't find any thread about Asus Tablets.. The Gaming possibilities for them etc. I have now other tablet, but I am planning to purchase one.. Any Suggestions/Forum Posts About this?