View Full Version : ROG GPU tweak improvements?

10-28-2014, 01:48 PM
Any chance of adding the "Save to file" button (for BIOS) to the ROG GPUz, like some other versions (of GPUZ) have.

Also - would be great if GPU tweak let you enable / disable CrossfireX / SLI, instead of having to open CCC or the Nvida equivalent. I could enable CCC to run @ startup - but prefer no to have every single prog I might need load with windows. Would be a handy adittion to GPUZ tweaking panel IMO.

I've not run SLI, but my experience with Crossfire has been that:
- Great for benchmarks.
-Works well in some games.
-Not needed in some games, or makes no difference apart from added noise and heat.
-Makes some games run worse. ie: Flickering menus, odd behaviour in game, lower FPS.