View Full Version : How about lousy keyboard on G75VW-T1028D?

10-29-2014, 03:26 PM
I own a G75VW-T1028D gaming laptop and , surprise surprise ...although it is a GAMING laptop or better said it should have been a gaming laptop , one key from my keyboard is broken now ,after 2 years of use ....and keep that in mind ...I played a game once at four - five months , so the keyboard should have been intact .
What is this ?
Could somebody from Asus company explain me why did they put rubbish components on a premium laptop?
When I contacted Asus service center from my country and international suport center, they said to me that they cannot give me just one key , but can give me a whole module of front part keyboard , at the price of 80 euros , are they sane?
Are you insane ,to put that keyboard on a laptop valued at 1300 euros?
At least from respect you should have sent me a key , when they saw and heard of this lousy situation ,not to turn their back on me , the men who bought a 1300 euros laptop .
I will never buy your products anymore , never ever , I will post everywhere ,to let people understand how you treat your clients and also , what type of products do you sell .
Thank you Asus , I hope you go down where do you belong .