View Full Version : G74S power adapter brick replacement

10-30-2014, 04:19 AM

I'm looking to replace the AC power adapter of the G74S. It died. I can't seem to find the exact same thing over the internet (Canada), so I was wondering if this would work:


The power is slightly more, which I think is fine and allow the brick to heat a little less. What's making me hesitate is more the output connector. I have no idea if it will fit in the G74.

Any advices?

10-30-2014, 04:16 PM

Yes, the G74Sx and G46VW, G55VW, G75VW all use the same size plug as well as voltage, so you could use this larger wattage ASUS 180w adapter if you prefer.
Looks like that reseller listed it as 65w adapter under the specs as a mistake since 19v*9.47A = 180w, but if necessary, you may want to confirm with the reseller which one you are really getting.

Otherwise, the G74Sx 150w adapter is listed on the U.S. and Canadian eStore site as well as the G75VW 180w adapter if you still prefer to get it.

Hope this helps!

11-01-2014, 03:45 AM
Thanks a lot for the information. I'll indeed confirm with the reseller or get it directly from the eStore (Canada).
Thanks again!!