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10-30-2014, 09:56 PM
I just ordered an SSD for my G750JW and I wanted to know if anyone could link me a good forum for tips on installation and such.

I also wanted to know if Windows would detect that it is installed on an SSD and not defrag it through windows maintenance. I also wanted to know if that if you run "Defragment And Optimize Your Drives" will it defrag or only optimize the SSD cause I know that you are not supposed to defrag SSDs

Thanks for your help!

10-31-2014, 07:07 PM
I used backtracker to save the OS into a 16GB drive (you will need a 16GB flash drive or bigger, but not smaller). Then remove HDD and install SSD and start from flash drive. Install OS. It'll be a clean install. Once Win8 installed, you can put the HDD in the other bay and use it as you wish. The 16GB flash drive now contains your recovery partition. This partition exists in the HDD as well. And I think there is one copied into the SSD. Win 8 is smart enough to not defragment SSD. It'll optimize it only. Win 7, however, will defragment SSD if you tell it to. Don't worry so much about optimizing. Win 8 is pretty good at running TRIM commands on its own. It'll auto-configure to optimize SSD usage.

10-31-2014, 07:09 PM
BTW, don't do the cloning thing with the SSD. It'll bring pain, distress, and countless BSODs.

10-31-2014, 09:12 PM
BTW, don't do the cloning thing with the SSD. It'll bring pain, distress, and countless BSODs.

Maxter, what did you use to do the cloning?

I used Macrium Reflect Free to clone from a 750GB and 1TB drive, in my G750JW and G750JX - and it worked great. Macrium reflect let me resize the partitions, and fit it on a 512GB SSD - I wouldn't recommend any smaller than a 256GB SSD for the cloning.

I now use Asus Backtracker mostly for restore, but cloning should be ok too - you have to make sure the cloning software knows about and respects GPT for UEFI like on the G750, otherwise you should be ok if done right.

Did you figure out what the problem was with the cloning software / method you used?