View Full Version : Recovery Partition Question? G55V

10-31-2014, 09:21 PM
So i will keep it simple i cant do a factory recovery. When i got my laptop i made a 2nd partition to put my games in it but now i trying to re-install my windows and it doesn't work because the when the you select the reset option the system go take the information form where he think is the recovery partition. But i change the partition order by making a new partiton.

What i need to know if how the partition were originally so when i try to do the recovery it take the info from the partition?

Here what i see in the Disk management:

1st partion unnamed ( EFI System Partiton) of 300 meg,
2nd partition 600meg unamed (recovery partiton),
3rd partiton name OS C: 279.11gig,
4th partiton 350meg (recovery partiton),
5th partiton name DATA D: 398.18gig (note this is the one i made)
and at last the recovery partiton what i need to reisntall the windows is in 6th 20gig (recovery partiton).

So i need to know if someone else that hasn't done the same mistake as me how does it look (what the partiton order in the Disk Management) like for him/her so i can put it back the way it was and re-install my windows and also create my recovery media.