View Full Version : Typing Issues Unresolved

10-27-2011, 12:12 PM
I have the latest Bios 203 and ATK 1.0.0014 but some keystrokes are still missing, especially "A, Y, M, and G". Is this a driver or part failure?

If it is of driver, will there be a future update and is anybody else having this issue?

Also, the function keys (esc; f1-12; p/b; prt sc; delete; etc...) seem to lag and require me to press them twice. i.e to disable my trackpad I'd have to press fn+f9 but sometimes it doesnt register on the first try, i'd have to do it again.

10-27-2011, 05:34 PM
I have also been working on this issue on my G74SX-A1. I currently DO NOT experience any lag on the function keys, requiring me to press them twice.

If you have an Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter, try updating to the later or 9.1.439 drivers. This will help remove DPC Latency caused by earlier version drivers. Use DPC Latency Checker to help troubleshoot - there may be other drivers causing DPC Latency on your system. Correcting this will definitely reduce lag on your system.

I also recommend the latest Sentelic or Synaptic driver, depending on which touchpad is installed on your system. I've flashed to BIOS 202 and installed ATK Package 1.0.0014. I have also chosen to use software instead of GPU rendering in my browser.

The above changes appear to have helped some, particularly the Atheros driver, but have not entirely eliminated the issue. I'm unsure if it is just due to my inability to fully depress the keys on this keyboard. I can simultaneously depress 6 keys at once and they all display, every time.