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11-05-2014, 01:45 PM
Hello all,

I have read a couple of forums here about G74 power issues and I just couldn't find an exact answer on what has happened to mine. So, I'll ask here. I have had my g74 for about 6 months now, and the previous owner had replaced the battery and power supply, i still have the original battery, but not the original power supply. he did not state why he replaced them. the power supply is a pwr+. anyways, I was gaming on Sunday and after about 2 hours, my laptop just shut off. I was able to fire it right back up, but I turned it off again because I thought it was weird. I checked the power cord thinking it may have moved out and I could not remove it from the port. after about 3 mins I was finally able to remove it and noticed that the inside was melted, and it was burning hot on the tip, and the brick unit itself. I brought home my G60 power supply and tried to use that, and I noticed it would flicker between batt and charging, and that my G60 supply tip was also getting very hot.(this is the original G60 unit, and I believe the pin is too small for the G74 so it wasnt making full contact causing it to overheat.) I even tried no battery and using the factory Asus battery, and same thing. However, both power supplies would charge my G60.. although the g74 supply was too big. I had heard about the Dc port in the G74 going bad, but mine is not loose. I ordered the 180W targus power supply and it will be here tomorrow, I was just wondering if anyone had run into this before. Maybe the Chinese supply just failed internally from the heat? it never once got hot just running my G60 at work.. anyways I did the OHM test and the reading is inaccurate, all over the place on the pwr+ charger. Just looking for some advice on where to go from here, hopefully my g74 isn't screwed.

11-05-2014, 03:10 PM
The port on the g74 can still be loose without actually appearing to be loose. The solder used on the pins was not all that strong to begin with, and if the unit
Was hot enough to melt the adapter, its probably weakened the connection between the board and socket pins