View Full Version : G74sx bad lvds cable?

11-05-2014, 03:19 PM
I have an older g74sx that has served me well for several years, I have opened it up several times prior to resolder the power socket and fix issues internally (speaker vibrations) without any issues. Yesterday the power socket finally gave out fully so I decided to replace it entirely with a new one I ordered a while ago. Anyway; Replacement went off without a hitch, system draws power fine and before reassembly stared without issue, image on screen, windows boot, etc... However when I reassembled the frame, I booted to find there was no image on the screen, just the backlight, a flicker or two and then nothing. I disassbled it partway and double checked my connections, got an image and then started to close... Halfway through, the screen refused to display an image while booting (specifically when the back plate covering the hinges was attached and screwed down) I now cannot get any image on the laptop screen at all, but get output from the hdmi to an eternal monitor fine. Also, when I wiggle the lvds cable I get visual distortion on the laptop screen (lines, pixels, shadows and such) that intensify drastically if I roll the segment of cable near the hinges between my fingers. I am guessing broken cable, but was hoping for a second opinion.