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11-06-2014, 02:29 AM
I took my trusty laptop to work the other day. Just shut the lid to take it home, now all I have is a black screen. It's sluggish, but I can still control the keyboard backlight. I can also hear Avast saying that it's been updated. I get no video though! I've tried rebooting, but I believe it just hibernates and comes back. I've tried removing all the hardware, holding the power button, trying the command line blind, but still can't get to the BIOS. I've left it unplugged with the battery out overnight, and still won't POST. Help! I've tried Google Remote Desktop and have mixed results, also. When I do connect, I see (and move) my cursor, but see no icons, desktop, and can not use any keyboard commands. I'm running it stock, 12gb Ram, with the 660M video card on Win 7.

11-06-2014, 05:19 PM
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1. Try connecting an external monitor, but don't expect much difference if you see a cursor which would actually mean the system is POSTing and getting past the bios, but not sure why you couldn't get in the bios then. Keep tapping 'F2' as soon as you power on to try to get into the bios if you haven't already.

2. Instead of 'F2' for the bios, try tapping 'F8' as soon as you power on the unit to try to get into Windows Safe Mode which will hopefully allow you to fix any software-related issues (if it works, let us know and we'll give you more suggestions, but I'd consider trying Windows System Restore to go back to an earlier date if there isn't anything important you will lose).

If you want to try to troubleshoot with ASUS support, just wanted to make sure you have the link below to reach them.

Good luck!

11-15-2014, 10:51 PM
Thank you for your response. I took it back to Tiger Direct, where I bought it and they're still doing diagnostic on it. They believe its the motherboard, which is what I believed it was. I guess now the question is if I order the replacement straight from you guys, or let them do all the work?!
Thanks Again.