View Full Version : G750JH Request: Help me find a monitor!

11-06-2014, 01:56 PM

I want to use an external Monitor but as i dive deeper into the materia i find myself in need of help because there are just so many things i have no knowledge of. :confused:

The Idea is quite simple:
I want to play using an external Monitor and Keyboard while the Laptop is closed.

The Monitor i have chosen is:

But i don't want to go overkill-mode.
I read that the resolution of some Monitors is just too much for some Laptops.

So first question is... would that setup even work (standard g750JH with 32GB RAM and two SSDs)

Or are there way better Monitors i can choose?
I really have no experience with such things (which is why i chose Laptops over Desktops in the first place) so any help is appreciated.

And on a side note..
What would be the big difference between the Monitor i posted above and lets say:

TL;DR: I am searching for an external Monitor that fits perfectly to the g750JH (the Laptop is mainly used for heavy gaming).

Thanks in advance!