View Full Version : "G-Sync flickering issue" and "144hz clock down issue"

11-08-2014, 07:13 PM
Hi everyone,

I've bought the monitor Asus Swift PG278Q.

Know i've got the 2 problems.

First one
When i started a game then he automaticly activate G-Sync.
The problem is that i've got a flickering screen when u using g-sync.

Also i've read that its a driver related issue. Because in forums i've read that someone else bought another monitor with g-sync , and he has just the same flickering issue, when using g-sync in games.

There are also many other customers with the same issue: refer links




And when you search on google "G-sync flickering" there are many many refer links.

Second one
With my monitor (Asus PG278Q) i've got the possibility to set my monitor to "144hz".
Know when i set my monitor to that 144hz refresh rate, my graphic cards doesnt clock down anymore..

I've got an Asus Titan Black in SLI.
And when i'm using the 144hz refresh rate then my first gpu card stays idle 60 celcius.
And thats because he dont clock back anymore in 144hz rate.

When i set my monitor to 120 hz then my first gpu clocks back and is 35 celcius idle.
So its also a driver related problem.

Just like the first issue i've got also many refer links, from other customer with the same issue.



Nvidea says its only happening when you using 2 monitors but that is fault.
Because i'm using 1 monitor and then i got the same issue...

Please Nvidea can you bring up a fix for this 2 problems in the new driver version !!!!

I already reported this yesterday in the "customer live chat" by Asus and Nvidea.