View Full Version : G750JW Possibly fried

11-09-2014, 01:01 AM
I've been having a monitor issue, specifically the cable wasn't set in firmly to the monitor. ASUS told me to send it to them for 3 weeks. Hello voided warranty. Fixed it, no problem. Started to happen again (after 3 months). Fixed it, in the middle of a reboot, black monitor, no nothin. Tried plugging into the HDMI and 25 pin, nothin. Fans spin, the keyboard lights, no warning noises from the speakers, but no HD spin up either.

Are there any diagnostic lights for this unit? Anyway to know if the board fried, or just the monitor.

Overall, very disappointed in this machine, the construction and finish is very poor when compared to my old Dell, and even worse than my brothers old HP. Not sure i'd buy another. Thanks for any help.