View Full Version : 6.1 speaker system under asus fomula vi, 5.1 or 7.1 should i go ? or somehow 6.1?

11-10-2014, 11:21 PM

1. how to set 6.1 speaker system (optical output) with asus formula vi audio ? actually i set with first connect 5.1 somehow when i could use 5.1 or 7.1 ?
So if the 7.1 will work as 6.1 (rear speakers of 7.1 as one in mine 6.1 system)?

2. at this moment i can't go with configuration of spekaers in windows as i could first time in spekaer output settings when i choosed 5.1, i have lateste asus driver+realtek latest driver after it, it looks like asus software still.

please help :)

windows 8.1 pro
i7 4770k@ 4.4/4.3Ghz
asus maximus vi formula
yamaha with optical input: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/hifi-components/stereo-receivers/rx-v450_black__u/

11-11-2014, 01:45 AM
so how to reset button"configuration" in speakers settings, activate it somehow?

11-11-2014, 02:40 AM

11-14-2014, 04:07 AM


Switches the sound fields off or on. When STRAIGHT is selected, input signals (2-channel or multi-channel) are
output directly from their respective speakers without effect processing

See manual page 7 and 32 here

11-14-2014, 11:44 AM
no it do not help, i putted 2ch in pc and yamaha, stright also, and the button did not activated itself

11-14-2014, 10:55 PM
Ah shucks,

I recall an issue like this by means of a audio setting on the receiver with a Onkyo. It did not make the Center Speaker work (but 4.1 worked) with a setting called Center Wide. Once he turned off Center Wide, 5.1 worked perfectly. I dunno the setting on a Yamaha AV, but worth a check mark point.

I have my sound card setting as follows (both SBz show activity but look at the default)


11-16-2014, 02:37 PM
actually center speaker works and one on the back also, i saw this settings which You describe and they work fine,
but actually i would like to get 7.1 settings in windows or 6.1 to get different sound in the back speaker in games.
actually i can say that when setted to 5.1 it work in music like surroun(the back speaker(1)) and in the games is also fine,
in bf4 center speaker is set to commands which is great, but wonder about ressetting button of configure output? how to clean settings for this device, i think yamaha actually.