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11-12-2014, 09:04 AM

I'm thinking of buying an ASUS ROG laptop.
My initial option was a G750JS, but sadly they are all out in my country ( Romania ).

So now i have to wait for the new 751 / 771 series.
Depending on the prices i will wither go for a G771JM or a G751JT.
The G771 is already available in my country for ~ 1.000 Eur ( 1Tb HDD 7200 rmp ,8Gb RAM, Full HD, and GTX860M 4Gb )
My budget is around 1.200 - 1.300 Eur , so if the G751JT comes out in that price range i will get it.

Now i have a few questions regarding the G771:

1. is there 2nd HDD space in order to get in a SSD ?
2. what manufacturer is the RAM ? i might want to upgrade it and i need the same.
3. how is the cooling system on this laptop ?
4. is there an external sub-woofer audio port ? ( i read this on some site )

Any other info you have on this model would be useful.
Keep in mind that I'm a casual gamer and from the benchmarks i saw, the G771 should fit my needs.
But i don't mind the better G751 if i can get it.


11-17-2014, 02:45 PM