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11-13-2014, 06:18 PM
Hi Every1

my 1st post

Just purchased Vulcan Pro headset with ANC unit, i took it out the box tonight ,plugged into Gigabyte Q1532n ( win 8.1 64 bit) laptop.

(here's the problem)
I plug the headphone and mic cables into the ANC unit but when the headphone cable is all the way in i can only hear the background noise... the same goes for without the ANC unit and straight into the laptop headphone jack

I only here background noise this goes for everything from iTunes, K-lite, KMP player, windows media player; LoL and Swtor

the only limitation is that i do not have another desktop or laptop to test with.
attached are 2 pics of how i've been jimmy-ing it for over an hour

many thanks and regards