View Full Version : BIOS not updating

11-19-2014, 12:06 AM
I had to flash the BIOS (with 207 - now 205) as instructed in the manual for installing 7 drivers and I cannot get it to flash the latest BIOS as flash does not work when I check the drive it is on and hit Enter.

So I am left wondering if I am doing something wrong?? the download is a zip file- do I unzip it first or not because the manual said nothing about doing that??

I am getting to really like this machine and any help would be really appreciated as I just want to get the drivers right for 7.

11-19-2014, 12:41 AM

Yes the file needs to be unzip.

Prostar Computer
11-20-2014, 11:36 PM
Yes, there are a lot of utilities you cannot run while they are compressed. Unzip the contents and then run it from wherever you unzip the file to.