View Full Version : Barebones Windows 7 G75V Reinstall Problem

11-19-2014, 02:01 PM
I am trying to reinstall Windows 7 to my G75V. I have the following items:

OS on a bootable USB drive
The original driver cd

I boot from the USB drive and Windows installs however I have no internet. I'm never asked for the driver CD. Not sure where to go from this point.

Any help or possibly point me to a tutorial would be greatly appreciated.


11-19-2014, 05:01 PM
Not sure where you were able to get the bootable USB drive for the OS, but you may want to check the activation under Windows System properties later to make sure that looks okay.

Anyway, if you have the original driver disk, you should be able to manually install drivers in Windows using the CD/DVD 'autoplay' feature if you haven't already?
Right click on the CD to choose autoplay if necessary, or browse the CD for the install/autorun *.exe file to start the driver installation.

If you able to install the drivers, you may also want to check the ASUS download site later for newer drivers if you're interested.
Guessing you have the G75VW model instead of the G75VX, but you may want to confirm it by checking the label under your notebook.

Hope this helps!