View Full Version : Low Framerates on g46v laptio screen but not on the display port

11-20-2014, 01:53 AM
Hello guys, I have been looking on search engines and forums for the awnser of this question and i have yet to find this one.

I have a g46v (With the I5, Intel integrated grahics & gtx 660 w/optimus) it s a wonderfull laptop and all
But ive had this issue for almost 6 months now

I get Absolutely horrible gaming performance when i am gaming on the laptop screen, But amazing 660GTX worthy performance on the display port or hdmi. I think that the issue comes from the fact that the laptop screen is conected to the inel graphics (Shows it in the nvidia control panel), I get an unsuported hardware error when im lunching mass effect 3 from my laptop display but i dont when i lunch from an external display

Here is the steps i took to try and to slve the issue
- Made shure that the application ran with the nvidia gpu by running the executables with the nvidia gpu (Same error)
- Did right click run with nvidia high performance gpu on games (Still get crappy performance)
- Installed the latest driver from nvidia (Same issue)
- Inastalled the nvidia driver from Asus website (Same issue)
- Checked with multiple games All have the same issue.
- I cannot disable the intel card since the laptop screen is directly linked

So Basicly the only solution left that i got is the reinstall a stock windows for the g46v but that would require me to reinstall alot of thing, Plus i deleted the restore partition so that would make this task even harder

Exemple of performance issue
- Mass effect 3 on laptop screen 25 fps average no matter what the settings are but i get a flawless 60fps on external display port w/1080 p
- League of legends 30 - 25 fps in game on all high 720p with laptop monitor But falwless 60fps with display port
- PCSX2 gets lots of slowdowns and framedrops when using the laptop screen and near flawless 60fps

You guys get the point, i got many many more games big and small, Indie and triple A games are all affected. Im really thinking this is a nvidia optimus issue but i dont know how to solve it (Maybe there is a way to reinstall the nvidia optimus components

Soo yea my computer is more of a portable gaming desktop than a gaming laptop and that is really anoying when i want to play a demanding game on the go because if i want to get a good performance i got to plug my laptop in a hdmi monitor soo yea

You guys got any sugestions or ideas on how i could solve this rally anoying issue

Thanks in advance