View Full Version : G551 Windows 7 Drivers?

11-21-2014, 01:19 AM
Do they not exist or ...? Havent been able to find any useful information even regarding Windows 7 for the g551.

12-01-2014, 09:59 AM
Hey, I just bought G551JM without windows 8.1. I installed Fedora and Windows 7. Both OSes works fine.
Drivers from windows 8 or 8.1 works under windows 7. I have one device without driver, something from USB category. Still looking appropriate driver.

01-03-2015, 06:08 PM
Did you find a workable USB driver? I put Windows 7 on a GL771 and got most of them working except the USB controller and the Ethernet Controller, won't use the ethernet win8 drivers cause they're not "digitally signed". Just curious if you've found anything

01-03-2015, 06:43 PM
Is there a chance that ASUS will upload drivers for windows 7 later? I just want to know before I make decision install windows 7 and hack drivers. I will go with windows 7 anyway, windows 8 is just a joke.

01-21-2015, 04:07 PM
G551 is designed for Windows 8, Windows 7 will run slower on G551, you will find out when you copying files :)

01-21-2015, 04:41 PM
asus will never release W7 drivers for machines that come with W8 or W8.1 installed so stick with W8
if u want W7 look a like install windows classic shell

01-21-2015, 04:43 PM
Well you can bypass Digital signing. and then deal with BSOD, Goggle it if that's what you want to do. Otherwise Install ClassicShell program and set up your notebook have the same GUI and 7 or Visa XP or anything in-between an run much more reliable quickly. 8.1 with update is 7 on steroids properly set up.