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11-21-2014, 02:18 AM
So my series number seems to be G750JM with a 17.3 inches size. It has the GTX 860M and 8 Gigs RAM and the quad i7 processor.

Now I'm not too savy with laptops of any kind and this one is my first. I wanted a gaming one to be able to play on it but I also like my hardware nice and cool. Size or noise isn't really an issue generally for me.

I want to ask what temps should I generally expect from it? Someone said that around 90-90+ would be the higher limit let's say, with around 80 degrees Celsius being what I should generally see in games at times. Though they did tell me that at least for now or until dust builds up I won't even see 80. So far that's true. Most I've seen it go up to is like 71 degrees celcius.

Do the CPU fans run faster than 3000 RPM? I'm getting this thing in Borderlands 2 with the laptop where I can definatelly hear the fans hitting the 3000 RPM levels and HW sais the same, and it keeps the temps for the CPU between 60-70. Is that normal? And the GPU seems to climb all the way up to around 70 too.

I think that the most demanding games in terms of hardware that I have would be Far Cry 3, BF 3, Skyrim, Borderlands 2, WoW and Payday 2. There are no things that run bad ingame from what I see, so it's constantly at 60 FPS or something no matter what I play. Except Terraria and Mark of the ninja. Those two little games have FPS issues and I dunno why e_e.

Anyway, I have windows 7 as that was the only one that actually have. I didn't want to blow extra money on a new OS aka 8 as I'm unfamiliar with it anyway and the laptop already cost me a small fortune. Also I do not have a cooling pad for now but I'm planning to get one very soon as well to help out with cooling. I also make sure to have nothing behind the exhaust ports of the Laptop when in use as well, but it does have to sit on a flat wooden surface though. Thanks in advance for the replies and sorry if I posted in the wrong section :(

11-21-2014, 04:27 AM
Highest temps I usually see from my GPU are in the mid-high 60s, but you should be safe well into the 80s, or even 90s, as far as what's actually safe. Most cards' "Tjmax" (thermal junction max) is about 100 C, meaning that if it hits that temp it will shut itself off for safety. You shouldn't have to worry about temps, as long as you keep your laptop on a solid surface that allows airflow underneath when playing games. Heck, I even play games on mine in bed, and it never heats up to unsafe levels. If you're really worried, there's an option in GPU Tweak (check your tray) to force the fans to max speed.

It should also handle all the games you mentioned just fine. As for Terraria and Mark of the Ninja... Right click on your desktop and go to NVIDIA Control Panel, then click on "Manage 3D Settings" on the left, and the "Program Settings" tab on the right. Click the "Add..." button next to the game drop-down and find Terraria and Mark of the Ninja - if they're not there, run them and then click "Add..." again. After you add them, check on the "preferred graphics processor" drop-down - make sure it says "High-performance NVIDIA processor." If not, it's not using your primary graphics card. It does that to save power. Keep that in mind for the future for any game that seems to be running slower than it should be.

11-21-2014, 01:04 PM
Okie dokie, I will try the terraria and Mark thing and see if it works. :)
Well the GPU and CPU seem to both have 70 degrees or something in Borderlands 2. My worry was that it was forcing ..something I guess in the laptop. The noise like I said is not really an issue, I just wanted to know if I'm still safe :D . Also Bioshock 1 for some reason heated the CPU and GPU quite a lot first time I ran it, then I saw I was getting like 400 FPS, so I enabled Vsync and it stopped the throttling or what's it called. Should I just enable Vsync for all games? I'm not really a fan of 120 FPS gaming as 60 is more than enough for me :D

11-25-2014, 02:34 AM
Okai, haven't gotten to test the MotN and Terraria things, but I did install Far Cry 3 and Cs:GO today.

On far cry 3 the temps got up at around 65+ degrees Celsius for the CPU and around 70-70+ for the GPU after abooout 5 minutes or so in the game itself. For Global Offensive, it's the other way around, with the CPU at 80 at one point and the GPU getting to 60. That was after about 8 matches or so with just bots.

Now this was what I was talking about in regards temps. Are these safe for gaming for at least a hour or two or a few more? I'm sorry if it sounds really stupid again, but like I said, I don't want to break my machine :(