View Full Version : G74S Screen gone crazy after maintenance clean

11-21-2014, 11:40 AM
Hey guys, I don;t usually post here, i only posted 3 times since i got my laptop, 2 years ago, August 2012. No serious probles with it everything worked fine.

But the time had come when i had to open it up to clean it for dust. it had 2 cm of dust on the radiator and the coolers were full of it as well. I brushed everything nicely and carefully, bringing it to a perfect clean.

After mounting everything together, the laptop runs as smooth as it possibly can, i can even feel cold air blowing from the coolers, instead of hot air like before, and it is wayy more silent. I HAVE AN ANNOYING PROBLEM THOUGH.

Turned it on the first time, everything was fine with the screen (or at least so i thought, maybe i was too excited to realise that someting is dead wrong), so i left it on, and went to the shop. came back half an hour late, and i see this little vertical lines on the screen, top to bottom, that completely freak me out. the colors look flat, and it is really annoying for the eye. you can use it as normal, but it is not NORMAL. I usually use my laptop connected through an HDMI to a Samsung LED Smart TV, and it is okay, no vertical lines on that one, so the problem must be either with the screen, or (?) the connection of the screen with the motherboard?

I care to say i wasn't smart enough to use surgical cloves when opening the laptop, so there might be the problem of static electricity discharging and ****ing up somewhere.

i post here some photos i took with my phone, because if I get screenshots, it looks normal.


11-21-2014, 12:15 PM

i TURNED MY LAPTOP UPSIDE DOWN AND ACCIDENTALLY DROPPED IT 1 CM ABOVE THE TABLE. i thought i destroyed it, but when i opened the lid, the screen was working properly, so then i started moving the monitor and it turns out that if i hold it at certain angles, it works properly. MUST BE A CONNECTION PROBLEM

11-21-2014, 02:06 PM

I was right, there was a connection problem. One of the signal cables that goes to the display, from the motherboard, was "strangled" by the back mask of the laptop. The mask has a tiny slot on both ends where the cable should fit in. A little care could solve this, just fitting the cables in the slot and make sure the laptop works properly before putting the screws.
picture for example

11-21-2014, 03:31 PM
Always love a story with a happy ending! :cool: Good job fixing and documenting the problem!