View Full Version : G750JX few question bout performace

11-24-2014, 08:36 PM
I got few questions about my g750jx.
I suppose that gpu isnt working at 100% on Debian (nvidia drivers installed, cuda too) how can i check it and make more efficient
next question
On windows while is batery powered im unable to play games such a BF, CPU is max at 2GHz, GPU prob too not working on its 100% (only on battery) unable means that game is lagging on min details, while on AC it runs on high details
Is there thing such ATK Package for linux? (i need screen brightness adjustment )

and last question isnt related with performace.
If i unscrewed it out then i losed my varrianty ?
I didnt opened it tho just unscrewed

PS. i got latest bios :)

11-24-2014, 11:30 PM
You may need to set a custom profile in the NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL but you're on a JX, so the dGPU is always on.. not sure what's going on there. Maybe because you're using a different operating system, the internal GPU in the CPU is able to be read from? Not sure.

You cannot game on the G750 while on battery, not properly anyhow.. the CPU throttles down low to between 0.7GHz - 2.4GHz and the dGPU will also throttle too as it cannot get the power it wants to run. Your power brick supplies pretty much 20volts at 10amps, the battery can't support that type of flow for longer than 50-60 mins and it's not healthy for it. Remember, the G750 is a desktop replacement, not a laptop.

Warranty changes depending on country I believe, so you'll have to check it out. I believe the laptop can be opened all the way, but you cannot repaste the CPU. There's a warranty sticker over the screw #1. You will void your warranty if you break something while inside the laptop. (Like accidentally bashing the motherboard with a screwdriver)

11-24-2014, 11:44 PM
Ya about playing on battery i noticed now how hot the AC is now
im stressing it like 4th hour so far (pyrit)
as i know Intel Graphics is always set off in JX because this model doesnt support it (not physically connected as i have read somewhere)
I get the impression that on Debian GPU is throttled (like it works on 60-80 %) of power
im not sure how to tweak gpu on linux, maybe i can manually set clocks of mems and gpu
anyways thanks for reply (i hope You understood my poor english)

Im little worried because i just read on Polish Asus page that unscrewing causes varrianty void
Its possible to send laptop on RMA to other country, than its bought ?