View Full Version : Backtracker on G551JM doesn't restore on new SSD

11-25-2014, 01:54 AM
Guys, has any one of had that experience with Backtracker. I bought a new Samsung 840 SSD to replace the oem 750GB HD. I used Backtracker as recommened by Asus support to copy the factory partition on a usb stick. The backup gets created perfectly but after sawpping my drives and booting off the usb, I start the recover process but it freezes at the Initialize disk and says it cannot read from the media. I know it's now the media as I have tried another one and the process works when restoring on the 750 GB HD. I then contacted Asus and they say that you can't use the tool to recover on another drive and they. Now having the great support that they have, they say they cannot help me further.
Has anybody been successful at doing it?