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11-25-2014, 06:51 AM
Hello, a happy gamer with 1 month old Asus G750JM-T4018P :)

The thing is, I need to use BatteryBoosttm technology available in GeForce Experience, in case the electiricty goes out, and myself wishing to continue playing without lagging, keeping 60fps while running on battery. As playing a game without BatteryBoosttm gives me 10 seconds of 30fps, and 10 seconds of 60fps....And repeat.

But....I need at least Nvidia 332.54 version in order to use BatteryBoosttm, but the latest VGA/display/graphic driver available in Asus.com is only 332.33....

This is not the only thing. I know that I can also update my Nvidia Drivers by directly downloading one from Nvidia.com. But whenever I use the Nvidia standalone driver, which is NOT 'given' from Asus.com, but downloaded from Nvidia.com, I get Bluescreen - "POWER_DRIVER_FAILIURE" something like that....And I am 100% sure that this happens because this laptop is 'optimized' for the drivers given from Asus. And it happens really frequently, which annoys me a lot....

I've tried downloading/installing latest intel graphic driver from Intel.com, but it says I can't, telling me to download the driver from manufacturer/laptop company itself....

My point is - It'll be nice if Asus release their drivers regularly, Nvidia driver is available from 2014/11/18, but latest Asus graphic driver is 2014/07/04.... .-. I really need to use BatteryBoosttm, without having problem with frequent bluescreen.... :( Seriously, using the latest Nvidia standalone graphic driver gives me hell frequent bluescreen....But I hardly have any, if I use Asus-given drivers. No matter what, I really want to use the latest graphic driver if possible...:(

Is not that my laptop is very out-dated laptop or cheap one, and I am aware that Asus is one of the best company that I know for its stability, customer cares, etc - (Unlike stupid HP or Samsung :P) Please get me some solution, or some latest driver from Asus!

Use of Nvidia Standalone graphic driver = Able to use BatteryBoosttm, but frequent bluescreen.
Use of Asus given graphic driver = No bluescreen, best stability among all options, but can't use BatteryBoosttm, and it's quite out-dated....Already 4 month.

P.S - I'm first time using Asus ROG forum, if I posted it in a wrong section, please (moderators) move my thread to somewhere appropriate :) Also, where do I officialy request Asus to uplaode additional/late drivers?

11-26-2014, 06:41 AM
Try this AUTO Intel Update Utility
and than doing a custom 'clean' install of the nVidia Driver with only the nVidia Driver and Phyx check off in the radio buttons.

Test your Battery Life thereafter