View Full Version : cant install Windows 7 on G750Jx, This is a complex problem

11-26-2014, 01:45 PM
hi...i have health problems that attack my brain...and i am trying so hard to figure this out , but it has burnt me out...

i bought a G750jx on ebay, with the little money i have since i cant get a job, and it wont install Windows 7...I have read the threads here about disabling secure boot, and enabling CSM...i did...

now i used a HDD ,WD640/ST9640... the ones that dont know what GPT is...and i deleted ALL the partitions to "unallocated space" . please tell me if that is same as Diskpart directions and change to MBR...i heard it is...

After the 20 minutes of "Installing Windows 7" just when there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, the final stage it, 0x0000000a5...i did everything, before i panicked...and now i have so much stress...i have a brain injury...and i was SOO smart before...so when i get stressed out its not only the problem...its that i FEEL too useless to solve it also...

please i need help...and please help me out and dont just say, its the motherboard...i also updated the BIOS FROM 207 TO 209...

here is why i am stressed:

i can take an old Windows 7 HDD from another computer and put it in the G750Jx and boot into safe mode...it boots up great! did that with 3 drives...

but when i try to install the Iris 4600 Graphics driver , it does not let me...it gives an error...so threads say without this step, you ant load the Nvidia 770m driver...also i cannot even install the wifi driver...there is no setup.exe or Application from the ROG threads...i try to update/install from device mgr, but device "failed to start"...

here is where i left off...can boot up 3 HDDs and SSDs that came from another computer into safe mode then NORMAL mode , but cant load the IRIS HD gpu driver...when i do a fresh install on these drives, it 0x000000a5 on me...after fresh install of WIN 7 ULT 64, i then put all 3 of those drives back into G73JH, and they work, first in SAFE MODE, then in regular...

i then after, put them back in the G750jx, they 0x000000a5 right away....they did NOT 0x000000a5 on me during SAFE MODE preceding NORMAL MODE, before hand...ONLY after a FRESH install !!!---WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE SERVICE PACK 1...

A fresh install made things worse...HOW?

please help me...i am feeling sick right now.

11-27-2014, 02:50 AM
I have clean installed windows 7 on my G750JX on an mbr hard disc so its possible.
i used a standard microsoft install disc (not usb) and a serial from my previous laptop.
was the laptop actually working when you bought it. it would have been sold with windows 8? the serial is embedded and will automatically be activated if you install a 'windows 8 SL' version.
the 209 bios has been reported as having problems. if you can, load version 208.
the wifi will vary on the JX models. you need to check with the device manager.
NOTE that you do not have an intel graphics 4600 working. do not load a driver for it.
you only have an nvidia GTX770M. at worse, you will have basic graphics after installing windows but that will not cause the install to fail.
does your hard disc work in another laptop? maybe you can put it in a usb case and test that it is ok.
possible fault with the dvd?
check the install disc. if possible make another one or use one that you know is working.
do a google search for "asus g750jx clean install windows 7 guide" links to all the drivers you need are there with a really good guide.
good luck.

11-27-2014, 11:05 PM
Try this clean install guide>>>>ASUS G750JX Windows 7 clean install guide (http://forum.maxgeeks.net/showthread.php/168-ASUS-G750JX-Windows-7-clean-install-guide?)