View Full Version : Power4Gear Problem on the G75

11-27-2014, 02:00 AM
So I recently wiped my hard drive on my g75. Runs beautifully. I checked Power4Gear and I noticed it was set to Entertainment mode so I just instinctively set to High Performance. I checked again later and I saw that it set itself back to Entertainment mode. This keeps happening and I have no idea what to do. (Yes I do press save). Also the button next to the power button (has the republic of gamers logo on it) has no function. I believe this might be a missing driver or something like that. Thanks!

12-01-2014, 10:50 PM
Not sure if this will solve it, but suggest checking and updating the ATKACPI driver (which may appear as the ATK Package under add/remove programs) if possible, and updating the Power4 Gear software if possible from the ASUS download site for your model.
Check under the 'utilities' section for both.


According to the G75VW User Manual (if you have this model) E7093 on page 16, it mentions the button next to the power button is the 3D mode switch for the 3D models or the Power4Gear Key for the non-3D models.

Sorry, it may not be much help, but hope it gets you in the right direction at least.