View Full Version : G751JY - Questions about 'TURBOMASTER GPU' and CPU Turbo

12-02-2014, 05:57 AM
Hey guys, just got my G751JY and have a couple of questions about some of the features I saw advertised on the purchase. I've checked both manuals and can't find much.

I saw an option to boost GPUs performance by 5% using the ASUS TurboMaster GPU'. I've looked around all the ASUS programs and can't find much.
Also saw something about a CPU turbo boost - I assume this is in the Asus Extreme Tuning Utility but I'm too new to this stuff to mess around, so this is mainly for curiosities sake making sure everything is on my laptop. On my gaming rig - the turbo boost was something that happens automatically if its needed in game - does the same apply here with the turbo boost or is there a way to make the changes permanent?

Any help?

12-02-2014, 06:21 AM
I used msi afterburner and OC 10% and i got 9500-9600 in fire strike,the stock frecv get u 8500 points