View Full Version : Possible configurations and issues of G751

12-04-2014, 05:13 PM
I am thinking of getting a G751 (Ch model) from Xotic. But they offer a lot of charged upgrades that I'm not sure are even needed or possible. I look forward to hearing some experienced opinions on the following:

1) IC Diamond thermal paste: necessary? or does ASUS do this anyway
2) Same for Copper Cooling, something I need to pay Xotic extra for, or is this automatically in the G751?

Now it gets really interesting:
3) The build has 32gb cosair ram, a 128gb ssd for OS, a TB 7200rpm and a TB 5400 rpm AS WELL as a DVD writer. IS this even possible? They are also offering an SSD raid 0 option, still with the DVD writer. How many bays are in this computer? I don't want to get charged for a build that's not even possible only to find later ;). The idea of multiple SSDs, and multiple HDDs, AND an optical DVD writer sounds awesome though - so really curious if this is even possible.

3.5) If (when?) the HDDs go bad, are they easy to replace like on other laptops, or something I'd have to get professionally done. I've heard the chassis is not really "openable" and internals might not be as accessible as other computers.

4) Extra battery and extra AC adapter for sale. I thought this battery is internal and unchangeable? Also curious about charger reliability.

ALSO, any thoughts on general reliability of this model is greatly appreciated. It's a lot of money for something if the general consensus is I have to toss it in a few years anyway. With 32gb of ram and ssd configuration - if it lasts i can prob use this computer for 10 years. lol, but will it LAST more than a few years is definitely a concern.

12-05-2014, 04:33 AM
should mention it's a G751JT-CH71. Q's #1 and 2 were answered by the retailer as something that can be done in Addition to ASUS OEM. In other words, it can' hurt from what I understand.

Still trying to figure out how many drive bays this thing has and if replacing drives ourselves is possible down the road.